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Aug 20, 2002
I am about to take my yearly vacation and called the employee travel line to list. It told me that my travel card was suspended. I haven''t called to list since I was furloughed. How does one list once they are furloughed? I would guess I would have to speak to res agent personally, but I don''t want to bother them with a non rev unless I absolutely have to... thanks for any info!
I had to go through an agent. The hotline would not work for me either.

When furloughed you are assigned a new prefix for your emp #. Only problem was the agent had to use my origional # to find my info and then go from there.
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Woohoo.. that worked!! Thanks... I never saw anything about the "MI" in anything we got. I appreciate that info!!!

Also, some gate agents will not know to use "MI" instead of 'US' for you. If they say your privileges have expired, ask them nicely to use "MI" when looking for your listing. One agent argued with me that I did not work for mainline...I knew I had worked for mainline, and it was difficult for a few minutes. After second gate agent tried, still no luck...but presevering with a smile, it was "MI" (or 64) instead of 89. Most of the agents know, and you should have no trouble. Safe travels! And it's so nice that at least we have our travel passes, but would so love to be working instead.