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Aug 20, 2002
NWA to shift flying to RJs; Pilots express concern
03/20/07 10:52:28

Northwest's U.S. customers are likely to find themselves on regional jets more often, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune (free registration). Citing "a new fleet plan assembled by the carrier," the paper writes that "Northwest intends to shrink its mainline fleet -- aircraft used for domestic and international flying and seating 100 or more people -- from 375 planes in 2006 to 337 in 2008. Northwest also plans to substantially increase its fleet of regional planes, which seat up to 76 passengers -- from 226 planes in 2006 to 262 in 2008.

"The airline also is looking to phase out one-third of its aging DC-9 planes within two years," the Star-Tribune adds. And not only will NWA's number of mainline jets shrink, but the carrier is planning on using a greater percentage of those for international flying -– meaning fewer will be available for domestic routes.

NWA's new fleet plan appears to be raising concern at the company's pilots' union, where members reluctantly agreed to steep pay cuts over the past few years. "The current fleet plan is different from the one presented last spring during the bankruptcy contract vote," Northwest union officials are quoted as saying by the Star-Tribune in a Friday memo. "Management indicates that DC-9 replacement aircraft are one of their top priorities, but that isn't addressed in the plan," the memo said.
Looks like this A-320 is not in NW's fleet plan anymore:

Amazing that an A-320 would meet this fate!

From the FAA database:

Aircraft Description
Serial Number 107 Type Registration Corporation
Manufacturer Name AIRBUS INDUSTRIE Certificate Issue Date 04/27/1990
Model A320-211 Mode S Code 50637335
Year Manufacturer 1990 Cancel Date 08/03/2006
Reason for Cancellation Cancelled Exported To
My memory is fading with old age, but didn't NW have a major "oops" with an A320 in the past couple of years? Something about a collision with another NW jet - a DC-9 perhaps?

Someone's gotta have a better memory than me and can figure this out . . .

I don't think this one is being parted out due to old age.
I think it was a hydraulic shut-off mistake by the pilots and they lost their brakes. Slammed the nose of the DC-9 into the tail end of the A320. I'm sure Kev still has the article. Too bad...3208 was one that didn't have too many problems.

Here you go.

Here's another one that happened some time ago at LGA.

As far as 3208 goes, I still don't get it...Even if it was one that had it's lease rejected in BK, surely there's still a market for A320's?