NY Times: @ UA a Seeker of Solutions


Oct 18, 2002
I'm sorry, but Mr. Hacker instills no confidence that we will steer-clear of Chapter 7. Do we want to lower our [unit]costs? Then simplify, Simplify, SIMPLIFY! Spending money we don't have to create new companies will not accomplish that goal. Management is making this more complicated than it need be, and trying to be 10 different airlines to 10 different constituencies is the same dumb-a$$ed way of doing things that got us into this mess in the first place!


Aug 27, 2002
"Sandy Rederer, an industry consultant who has known Mr. Hacker since he was at American, said he feared that Mr. Hacker might be wasting his time starting the low-fare venture when United needs so much attention. "

Lof-fare venuter - United

He's not pissing time away in a vacuum.


Aug 21, 2002
The problem with creating a low cost carrier at this point, is that UAL needs the feed to supply the larger aircraft. DAL and AA can afford to look into the LCC because they have an established regional network. IMHO this is where he should be looking, not going head on with the LUV's and the JBLU's of the world.


Aug 20, 2002
At last, someone at HDQ with a Vision and a business plan for the future. Doug Hacker has done a wonderful job with the Mileage Plus Program since he has been in charge at United Loyalty Services. I have every faith that he will do just as well as the chief strategist under Tilton with the new low cost shuttle which in many cases will feed the Star Alliance. Remember the economy has bottomed out and will be on the up swing which should enable the new carrier to succeed. This lost cost carrier (Shuttle) combined with the new United Global Services for those who are invited to join and the Mileage Plus Program will enable United to emerge successfully from bankruptcy.