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It is a fact that the interiors on the TW MD80''s were generally more worn than the AA interiors. The same was true of the ex-Reno aircraft.
How Suspender''s Bill determined that to be a troll amazes me, and I was probably one of the harder moderators known to the airline community when it came to crap like trolling... Just ask anyone from PBB!...
It gets better, yesterday I went up on one of our AA MD-80''s, and the only other person on board was a T-dub. I mentioned how much nicer AA''s planes were than the TWA planes. A discussion insued, and he was quite upset, as I noticed his head turning red. Just then another AAer came up and as he was walking back, said Man it sure is nice to be working AA metal again. The T-dub continued arguing with the two of us, and just then the Crew Chief came up, and as he was walking back, said I had forgotten how much nicer our planes are than theirs. That was the end of the discussion as the T-dub would not talk to us anymore. He finished his work red-faced and without a word. He calmed down latter, and was acting normal.
My question is why would a T-dub get that angry, when it is so obvious that the AA aircraft are in much better shape than the TWA aircraft?
The constant references to ours and theirs is probably what caused this more than anything else.
The fact is that they''re all ours now. Perhaps people need to remember that once in a while?...


Aug 21, 2002
...I guess some of those old S80s are in pretty bad shape..so were AAs before the new interiors a few years ago..I did fly on a TWA 757..LAX-STL-CUN..and back and the A/C was great..in fact, nicer than AAs..The f/c seats were far more comfortable than AAs and the colors and condition put AAs to shame...


Aug 20, 2002

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[P]Well I just came off of four AA flights. Two TWA/AA MD-80's and they were both very nice, very clean and easily equal to the AA Super 80's. I was also on an AA 737-823 and it was a beautiful plane, but I have to tell you, those first class seats were pretty, but real uncomfortable. Not nearly as comfortable as the cheap TWA F seats on the MD-80's. The seat backs were sort of convex instead of concave, going in the opposite direction as my spine. I also had the pleasure of a flight on an F-100. Let's just say the biggest airline in the world ought to be embarrassed about those little gems. [/P]
[P]The food service on the TWA metal appeared to me to be the same as AA metal. That is to say, better than TWA has had for several years. It was all served on AA china, AA napkins, AA this and AA that. I know because I always steal that stuff. [img src='http://www.usaviation.com/idealbb/images/smilies/9.gif'] I didn't notice whether the peasants were given their AA Bisto Bags or not. Thanks to this merger/acquisition or whatever you want to call it,--I know, misguided rescue of a totally failed airline that nobody else had any interest in--I now have to start all over, stealing my collection of inflight goodies from scratch! Talk about an inconvenience!!! [img src='http://www.usaviation.com/idealbb/images/smilies/9.gif'] [img src='http://www.usaviation.com/idealbb/images/smilies/9.gif'] [/P]
[P]Anyway the F inflight service was pretty much the same as on the AA metal and not the same as TWA metal. So I think they are doing AA style inflight service on TWA. Also, those TWA F/A's didn't screw up any announcements even once! They gave the whole AA spiel. I kept expecting them to say, we know you have a choice of airlines and we really appreciate you choosing the formerly bankrupt, failed, TWA LLC, now part of the world's largest and most unprofitable airline. [img src='http://www.usaviation.com/idealbb/images/smilies/9.gif'] [/P]
[P]PS-- Eric-- It would seem the TWA stuff is all ours now, but the TWA employees are still theirs. What's left of them anyway, which is about 50%. Nonetheless, I'm AA all the wAAy these days. Hoping my business will contribute towards bringing people off furlough and help get AA back in the black. Also, I must say that I have found AA service on the phone, on the ground and in the air to be very good. Not to mention thier tremendous responsiveness when communicating directly with the HQ. I have acclimated better than I thought I might, though when flying on connections I still do try to connect through St. Louis. There's just something about flying with family that gives me a great sense of security and comfort.[/P]


Aug 20, 2002

Let me be hopefully not the first and hopefully not the last to thank you for your business! I speak for myself and hopefully for all the other furloughed employees (both AA and former-TWA-now-AA) when I say I hope that there are more like you out there who appreciate the service that the members of the AA family provide, and that we can all get back to work very very soon!

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