Ole! US announces service to MEX!

On 2/24/2003 4:08:04 PM BDLDFW wrote:

Didn't US fly to Mexico City previously for a short time, in the 90s perhaps?
yes....the was a daily flt from tpa

mid 90s

PIT-MEX was operated with 757 equipment....and was rarely ever booked over 30-40. I think that is why they are starting with CLT and will expand to PHL if the loads are worth it.
Wow. Just looked at US's flight plans for this route and half of it is F.U.N.K.Y.

The CLT-MEX routing is fine.

Dep. CLT 10:15; Arr. MEX 13:26
Dep. MEX 14:26; Arr. CLT 18:45

The PHL-MEX routing is horribly inefficient.

Dep. PHL 17:30; Arr. MEX 22:00
Dep. MEX 11:15; Arr. PHL 16:30

I can't believe that US would let an aicraft sit on the ground for 13 hours!!!

Why don't they do something like this?

Dep. MEX 07:30; Arr. PHL 12:45
Dep. PHL 13:55; Arr. DCA 14:45
Dep. DCA 15:30; Arr. PHL 16:30
Dep. PHL 17:30; Arr. MEX 22:00

That way, you can advertise DCA-MEX one-stop service!!!
If my memory serves me correctly, US flew the PHL-MEX & PHL-MEX route for about 18 months in 1995 and 1996, before abandoning the effort because it was unprofitable.