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Aug 31, 2002
I have never worked for United, but I have over 20 years working for a airline.
This is not meant to be a slam on United, but I am just trying come to grasps how a noble company at the pinnacle of a industry can collapse so fast.
One observation I have that keeps sticking with me is why can’t UAL Corp stick with their core business? That is flying passengers reliably and on time to their destination.
Maybe I’m simplifying things, but it seems every few years UAL Corp has to dabble into other businesses at the expense of United. Hotels, rental cars, business jets, web sites, other airlines and now a LCC to be run as a separate entity. Has any venture UAL Corp tried to get into that does not involve United been successful?
I understand that the competitive climate has changed immensely over the last couple of years. But I wonder what is the difference between being grounded on 9/11 and that of weathering a strike by a union that shut down a airline.
Welcome and thanks for joining the discussion Jon. Keep up the good work both here on the boards and in your day job!

Yes, it is sad to watch UA these days.

Please join the prayer for their survival.
What airline could you be working for and not know the answer
as to why UAL is "circling the drain"? Whose fault is it?That is the entry
level question on Who wants to be a Millionaire.

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