Only hope for a better deal

FA Mikey

Aug 19, 2002
I have to say this. The only hope for a better deal is in negotiations. If we wind up before a judge I think we can kiss our collective CBA''s good bye. For some reason AA didn''t want a fair deal. Just a chance to see who would roll over. I am not senior by any stretch of the imagination although After 17 years and a couple different unions I thought I had a better handle on how they operated. This seems to be a play right out of ''Ol frank lorenzo''s play book. The bait and switch, playing with intent in the actual language.

Sgt. Friday

Oct 29, 2002
Hello Mikey been a while. Glad to see you on the right side of this one.....
Think of it like this my brother. we are walking in a bad neighborhood and someone comes up and puts a gun to our head. They are demanding everything we have. They are not wearing any disguise we know who they are. Now do we freeze? Go along with their demands? Or do we presume we are as good as dead and our only chance is to grab for the gun and disarm them? Lets go for the gun. It''s our only chance.