PHL''s new international terminal????


Aug 22, 2002
I landed from AMS yesterday and noticed the new international terminal looks just about ready to open.
ANY news on when it will be open??? It sure would be nice to park all those blasted people-movers! :)


Oct 6, 2002
Here's what I would do with Philly.

Well, first, I'd have them buy out the parking garage leases with the Phillly Parking Authority. Hopefully, that's slightly less a boondoogle than it's been.

Then, I'd create an Authority separate from the City, but ONLY if it did NOT involve in $$ shell game with Philly or surrounding communities (what's the name of the township that contains all or part of the new international terminal?)

Then, I'd find away to get USAirways, domestic into the A gates, so that they have A, B and C, plus some international gates and spill over in D.

Then I'd convert the ramp between B and C for the regional jets, since it's so cramped in there anyway. Give up most of F to AirTran and the competition that won't be able to muster anything more than small jets anyway.