Piedmont aircraft


Mar 9, 2003
Rumor, repeat rumor, is that the group has told Piedmont to transfer aircraft to the Mesa Group. Anyone have any information on this? In light of the legal questions about RJ''s to Mesa, what does this mean? Can the group supply aircraft currently operated by a wholly owned to a subcontract carrier?
Mesa needs Dash-8's in a very bad way for their UA DEN operation. JO has said this many times on the Mesa chatroom and CEO hotline. If he could work out a deal w/his buddy Dave-and it seems Dave views Mesa as a outsourced WO-well, it wouldn't suprise me.
The 7 Dash-8 200's that are going back to owners from PDT... starting in the fall, guess who going to operate them??? Thats right!!
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Heard Piedmont is closing the ORF (Norfolk) base. Could mean layoffs for 50+ people. Thank you CCY.