Aug 20, 2002
Seems to me Dave might be following Gordons lead....Are we going back to things that worked?
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34375 here still kicking with US hope it gets beter soon!Anyone else out there?[:sun:]
44983, turned down AMR to go to PI. I always wanted to work at PI. Never thought of applying at Allegehny--I knew better, being raised in WV and knew Allegehny's reputation well. Like the song says, "What could have been..." I guess that is why I am so bitter about current events. [:(]
I cant believe its been since 1989! I remember the last day August 4 :( I believe
21749-Still in EWR were we once had over a 200 flights a day durring the PI and PI Commuter days. But hey Gordon has his EWR with a Major Hub (US will have 11 Jet 3 Exp on 11/2)and we got their terminal in LGA. What suckers we had in UM (US)!
According to legend, U agreed to back off of expanding at EWR in exchange for the terminal at LGA and the slots that came with it. CO was in the middle of one of its Chapter 11 reorganizations, and it was decided to consolidate all of their NY service out of EWR rather than split it between EWR and LGA. The LGA terminal was almost paid for and nearly complete. So as a result, U pulled a lot of service from EWR, including hourly flights to BOS.
46222 here...Just reading on another thread about named aircraft. Why is it that US dropped them all? Seems like cheap easy marketing to me. The first flight of my first trip after getting the job was on the Queen City Pacemaker. My first trip to LGW was on the City of Tampa. Why not bring things like that back to US Airways?

That was when working for an airline was fun![img src='http://www.usaviation.com/idealbb/images/smilies/2.gif']
My understanding is that Dave is huge fan of Piedmont and would like to resurrect it in U once we get moving. Maybe there is hope. 14020
We were a team. We enjoyed our work. There wasn't all this conflict. I didn't know how good I had it.

A320 Driver :(
My grandmother worked for Piedmont for 23 years in Lynchburg, VA. My first flight was on a YS-11 to Winston-Salem. I was all set to go to work for Piedmont after college and the merger happened four months before I graduated. Miss the Speedbird!
My daddy used to work for Piedmont Airlines before they where bought by US Air!
He said it was a great job! Then when US Air bought Piedmont Airlines, it all changed... for the WORSE! :(
Piedmont was the second airline I ever flew on. It was back in 1971, a YS-11 from ATL-TRI, 737-200 on the return flight. My family is from Southwestern Virginia, and back then, Piedmont was pretty much the only game it town. And the difference in those days was that the passengers enjoyed it being the only game in town.