PIT-LGW suspended


Oct 29, 2002
[P]In an unrelated move, US Airways said it will suspend direct flights between Pittsburgh and London for two months beginning Jan. 11 through March 8. The company said it was suspending the flights in order to comply with federal regulations requiring that the cockpit doors on its A-330 fleet be modified for security reasons.
[P]Until flights resume on March 9, US Airways passengers will able to fly to London''s Gatwick airport from Philadelphia and Charlotte, N.C., the airline said.[/P]
Thats very interesting considering the flights were scheduled to be flown using 767's beginning this month. Of course, few of those jets have the new doors either. But my take is that the advance bookings must not have been strong through the winter, thus the announcement.

I have to agree mrplanes, the 767 was scheduled, but they might have pulled the 767 to make up the A330 run that they are pulling off for the mods
Why didn't they bring the f-100's back to fly the route !!! Sounds like a management move to me.
Brand new effiecient ERJ 145 service: Pittsburgh to London via beautiful Goose Bay, Labrador - lovely Reykjavik, Iceland and London (snowshoes included for stop-overs in Winter and insect repelant spray the rest of the year).
[P]Because the F100's are no longer theirs, the leased ones were given back to the leaseholders and the owned owns are collateral for the defaulted EETC.[/P]
[P]They are gonna sell the A330's, covert the 767s to KC-767s and use them to refuel RJ's to Europe[/P]
All I can do is think back to when they made such a stink to get the authority back, following the abortive BA deal. What's obvious (besides the fact the management is always behind the curve) is that they are presently incapable of sustaining core routes which don't pay for themeselves during certain months of the year. Hence, the Florida retrenchment, and this kind of stuff, along with the downgrading of stations to Express, etc. On that premise, Kaufman's Dept Store in PIT would suspend the elevators from 10 to 12 every day. After all, how could making somebody climb 6 flights of stairs cause them to go someplace else to shop? It's all over. They just don't know it yet.

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