Pros and Cons of A No Vote..........

Non Rever

Dec 20, 2002
PRO:[BR][BR]1. If your lucky you live in a city that doesnt have alot of US employees to compete with for a job.[BR]2. You get to spend more time with your friends and family. Alot of time.[BR]3. File bankruptcy and get rid of those pesky credit card bills. It only stays on your credit report for 10 years.[BR]4. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones who is able to get another job in the industry.[BR]5. Cash in that 401k.[BR]6. No more stand by. You get to buy your airline tickets and earn frequent flyer points.[BR]7. You get to see how much greener the grass is on the other side.[BR]8. Now you can put that college education to work for you.[BR]9. Go back to school enter a new career, start at the bottom and pay your dues. [BR]10. Get that Mon-Fri job weekends and holidays off. [BR]11. Who needs all that vacation time[BR]12. You might get really lucky and find a 2nd job to help with those bills.[BR]13. You have a spouse to help defray those bills. [BR]14. You own lots of Southwest, Delta, Jetblue, AA stock. Its bound to spike with a chapter 7 filing.[BR]15. Those nasty management people will be out of a job too.[BR][BR][BR]CON:[BR][BR]1. You live in CLT, PIT, GSO, or PHL. Thousands of people seeking employment for the same jobs.[BR]2. Homeowners in these cities suffer effects of a housing glut as everyone puts their homes up for[BR] sale. [BR]3. If your nearing retirement, forget it. [BR]4. Pay more for health insurance.[BR]5. Forget flying around and visiting friends and family on a whim. [BR]6. No more flexible schedule.[BR]7. You have to cash in your 401k at/or near the bottom of a market and you have to pay taxes and penalties.[BR]8. 100,000 + previously furloughed airline employees seeking jobs in the same field. [BR][BR][BR]Best of luck to all.......![BR]