PSA 1771

Aug 20, 2002

Douglas M. Arthur
Chief Pilot - LAX
Joined PSA in 1975

John Conte
Field Service Agent - SFO
Joined PSA in 1976

Julie Gottesman
Flight Attendant - SFO
Joined PSA in 1987
Gregg N. Lindamood
Captain - LAX
Joined PSA in 1973
Deborah Neil
Flight Attendant - SFO
Joined PSA in 1970
James Nunn
First Officer - LAX
Joined PSA in 1987
Debra Vuylsteke
Flight Attendant - SFO

Has it really been that long?

On that terrible day, their lives, along with those of their passengers, were ended by the murderous act of a pathetic, twisted man, someone who had been of the company's own.

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