PSA Mechanics reach tentative agreement


Oct 20, 2007

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Since meetings began in earnest on January 18, 2022, your committee has been engaged with the Company in direct negotiations, including in mediation, covering 27 Articles of your Collective Bargaining Agreement. As of today, tentative agreements have been reached in all areas covered in these negotiations.

Details of the tentative agreement include:
  • Average wage increases on DOR of 23.81%
  • Flexible Hiring Rates w/protection for current Employees
  • Addition increase for topped out employees
  • Signing bonus of 8% of gross wages calculated from 12 months prior to DOR (minimum $1500)
  • Highest wage increase is 34.59% or $8.61/hour
  • 5 Year duration with increases in all years
  • Additional 3 months early opener provision
  • Increase to 401k match at 20 years of service
Additional details will be released next week concerning the release of a redline tentative agreement and a future ratification schedule. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please reach out to your negotiating committee member or your General Chairperson, James M. Samuel, at [email protected] or (859) 653-4037, for additional help or information. Thank you for your patience and commitment. With best wishes we remain

Sincerely and fraternally,

John M. Coveny, Jr.
President/Directing General Chair

James M. Samuel
General Chair

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Nice to see a Union that’s representing Airline Mechanics who can negotiate 27 Articles rather than just always looking to gain endless extensions for wages thinking that’s good enough.

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