Question About Changing Retun Flight After Departure


Nov 4, 2019
I'm new to flying. I've searched already but can't find any concrete answer.
I have a friend I'm going to visit in Canada soon. While I'm planning on only staying one week, I may decide that I'd like to stay maybe one more week. We won't know about the extra week until it's nearly time for me to leave. (money timing).
Long story short, if I fly to Canada, then decide to add an extra week, is that allowed?
I'm fine with any fees, that's not the worry. The worry is, is this actually allowed, once I've been granted the week to visit but decide to stay an extra after I've already landed and been there for a few days.

You are watering at the wrong well. There is probably maybe one airline employee on this website who knows the answer for sure. There are all kinds of factors involved: when the ticket was purchased, what type ticket, individual airline's policy, etc. The people you need to be talking to are the ticket office. Only they can say for sure, and even then you may be told incorrectly. This kind of issue you want settled before you leave home, or be prepared to possibly pay for a last minute one-way ticket to get home, and those are generally very expensive. If your airline's policy does not allow such changes, they will tell you..
Airlines will always take your money to change a return flight. It won't be cheap, though. Could be more than your original ticket.

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