Ramp Agent ingested in Engine while running at gate


Apr 26, 2005
Some very sad news beginning the new year. Not sure how this still happened after 2, 10 and 15 minute briefings, and also being warned just minutes about the exhaust from engine almost knocking her over. So why in the world would you walk (within the minimums) in front of the engine?? Sounds a bit off to me.
Prayers and thoughts for the surviving family:

Read the NTSB report yesterday. Sad indeed.

It happened because the person who died did one or more of the following:
1) Didn't attend the briefing
2) Was listening to their music or playing with their phone instead of paying attention to the briefing
3) disregarded or forgot what they were told in the briefing and simply went about doing things the way they always did things

The accident was caught on video. She literally walked along the leading edge of the left wing and in front of the engine. As SWA noted, a minute or so before her death, she was seen getting jet-blasted as she walked in back of the engine.

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