Reduced Schedule Loaded?

The schedule for Sept was already final and loaded so there were select cancellations made for each day, dependant upon bookings and available protection.

Marketing is finalizing the October Schedule and it should be loaded this week.
Some changes have been loaded. For example, the 6:55p DCA-PIT departure on Sunday, September 15 is now no more, yet it's valid every other day of the month. That was operated with a B737. It's strange it's only canceled on one day. I've also noticed some pulldown into Florida from the hubs. Anyone else have more concrete info?
I have noticed that a couple of our "favorite" flights have been deleted around the first week of Oct. I didnt have time to look for when they stopped or restarted. The 420 TPA-PHL flight (with the International conx) that seemed to always have a weather problem has been dropped at least for a while and the 720pm TPA-PIT (31 min conx to last bank of the night) flight has been dropped.
I dont like the decrease in flights again, but it might actually be nice to come to work for a change. No Metrojet problems, no LGA or BOS flights and now the 2 problem children are being dropped too. Hallelujah !