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Aug 19, 2002
Just a note of advice and warning. Do not assume you know who any poster is because you think they post a certain way or slant their postings to a certain viewpoint. Anyone can register here and no proof of identity is required. Everyone is free to choose their own screen name. Unless you have personally verified with them by means other than the BB, do not assume that whom someone pretends to be is who they actually are.
Sorry Scott,

They are management. I''ve been pm by these guys and know who they are. Will I post them by name? NO. They can maintain their anonymity. Will I write back to them as management....yes.

What does management have to gain from snooping on this board? It makes no sense. There are a wide variety of opinions from both employees and interested parties. Have these people nothing else better to do? Sad.

They have plenty to do, and this is a part of what they do best. There are certain union leaders that have become a nusiance to them, and their mission. By the many posts by management that you see, they are going after these leaders and even their UNION if they have to, to "shut them up". There Motto: threaten, intimidate, discredit, and divide from within, whenever possible."

That's part of what they do, besides get all of labor to their knees with all these concessions and changes. They were brought in and paid to do just that. They thrive on "submission"...look what they have been able to do using their tactics. Now, you have many of the MAJORS doing the exact same thing, and a process/plan by which to operate to achieve the same goals.

You just have to know who your dealing with, and pay attention to their motive. And, above all, don't let them take over your psyche. That's how they control.
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I am not stating that management is not lurking or posting on the board, just reminding everyone not to jump to conclusions because someone named *VP of USAIRWAYS*, etc starts posting here. I know that some of the assumptions posted in other threads are incorrect and want everyone to remember that when jumping to conclusions. I am sure that many peoples assumptions are correct, just not all of them, and I dont want to see anyone do something based on assumptions that they might regret.
Thanks Scot. Good INfo! However most of us on here have a very clear indication who they are, I dont think Dave will like that they have posted some of the things they have posted. Thanks for the heads up though !