Rethinking the North East

Dea Certe

Aug 20, 2002
Please let me if I''m wrong here, but hasn''t our revenue been hit especially hard in the North East? What with trains, short hauls people are choosing to drive rather than endure the airport hassles? Not to mention the low cost carriers entering what used to be our little backyard?
Wouldn''t now be the time to consider more long haul flying? Wouldn''t this be the time to completely restructure our fares? Knock off gouging our best customers and perhaps give our FF''s more incentives to fly U?
I realize I''m just a flight attendant, but I do talk to our pax and these are the things they tell me. Many are still angry over Ben Baldanza''s little note to them. Not so much the message, but the tone.
Right now, I am ashamed of the way MCO was closed, TPA MX getting the doors slammed right in their faces. Does this company have any sense of decency?
Could they at least post the EAS number?
Sorry about the muddled thoughts here.


Aug 20, 2002
Management is completely focused on the death spiral. Looking outside the box to solutions seems to be beyond them right now.

Perhaps if they pull off a miracle and emerge from Chapter 11 as planned they'll do some of these things. It's very clear that it won't happen between now and then and it better happen fast because there isn't much left to emerge with.