Retirement from Voluntary Furlough till 1200 Thursday


Aug 19, 2002
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[P]Now that the CWA tentative agreement has been ratified, the recall for CWA is 4 years which may spark some interest for employees who will be 51 years of age by the effective date of the Voluntary furlough. [/P][FONT size=2]
[P]The company, the CWA and IAM Fleet have agreed that in this next voluntary furlough offering, Passenger Service and Fleet employees who elect and are awarded voluntary furloughs may retire from voluntary furlough, providing they are vested on the date of their voluntary furlough, meet all normal retirement eligibility requirements of age and service (subject to normal actuarial reductions) and provided they retire prior to the expiration of their voluntary furlough. Based on this one time change, the company will continue to accept applications for voluntary furloughs until 1200 on Thurs September19th. [FONT size=2]This one time provision does not modify any rules regarding the requirments to award a voluntary furlough.[/P][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]