Saw alot of maintence delays last the holiday the cause...

Maybe it has something to do with the FAA ordering inspections on all 737/757 fuel pumps within five days.(There have been no incidents related to this and it is not a concern for passengers).
or something else....I gather the mech fixing the planes are not happy..???....pax ask lots of questions...these days..our pax need to feel safe......
Between all the new rules, maint contract voted down...preferred mileage changes...we're taking a lot of heat on the phone reasurring pax
that things will be just fine...even with our livelihood hanging on the edge of a cliff...and were still being professional, I hope I can say the same for the IAM employees.
also, the FAA is more vigilant with bankrupt carriers. The FAA by law must be more active, visible with BK carriers. It put out a letter that all mechanics saw and read that basically states the same.
With the FAA letter, I wouldn't be at all surprised that some mechanics who did their job halfway now have to spend some more time to do their job right.
sabre - to even suggest that our maintenance employees ever did anything "halfway" is a real slap in the face. These people are professionals and would never jeopardize the safety or security of our passnegers and crews. To even suggest that is down right ignorant.

Regardless of the issues between the IAM and the company, our mechaincs are still putting their heart and souls into keeping the airline flying safely. Their hard work and dedication continue, with absolutely no disruption. There are no "bogus" ETR's and no signs of a work slow down. Our Mechanics continue to give the company 100% regardless of negotiations, contract votes, concession talks, bankruptcy filings and threats (or promises) of court action to garner concessions. I applaude each one of our maintenance professionals for their continued hard work and dedication.
There is no maintenance slowdown. Today I talked with Mechanics, Utility, and CWA personnel in PIT, DCA, & LGA. There are differences of opinion, but the concern is very, very high.

However, the operation was very smooth and professional on each of our flights.