Seat reservations on code share flights


Sep 3, 2016
I plan to make a booking on the AA site for code share transatlantic flights with British Airways. I understand that I cannot make a seat reservation on BA flights during the reservation process, I am asked to refer to the BA web site after I receive my booking reference in order to do this. My question is, will I have to pay for the seat reservations? If the answer is yes this will cost an extra £150.00. Any advice please?


Jun 28, 2003
Dallas, TX
You need to discuss this issue with BA. The airline ticketing rules are so byzantine and different from one airline to the next, the only time you will be sure of the right story is when the person who has just done the work--assign seats, etc--advises you of extra fees. Out of curiosity...where did you get the 150 pound figure? ($190.25US seems rather high. Is that for more than one seat?) However, if there is fee for seat assignment, there is a fee. If you have already booked the flight (it's not clear from your post), and the ticket is non-refundable, non-changeable, you are stuck with whatever additional fees the seat assignment airline (BA) says are due. Welcome to the wonderful world of airline gotcha.o_O
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