Self Defense Training

Midnight Mike

Jun 17, 2003
Hey people, I am working on a project with a co-worker and wanted to get some opinions. We are developing a self defense course that will be taught in both a classroom and a MD80 Cabin Trainer, do you think that there would be genuine interest in such a course? How much would you pay for a such a course?

Course A would be a 4 hour class to teach break away and control (we were trying to price the class between $100 - $199

Course B would be a 4 hours class and will focus on weapons.

Both courses are taught by a 3rd degrees black belt instructor.

It is geared toward aviation folks & others. As a pilot would you be interested in such a course? Would a Flight Attendent be interested? Anybody?

Before I spend toooooo many hours on this project, please let me know your opinion????

My email address is:
[email protected]


Midnight Mike