Shut The Puck Up

Decision 2004

Mar 12, 2004
Shut the Puck Up - Here the Song Here

Shut The Puck Up

(Words & Music Ó 2004 Pete Cugno)

This isn’t how it’s supposed to be

A winter without hockey

Is like a beer fridge without any beer

It’s just so empty and cold

Because our season was stole(n)

For reasons that are not very clear

Well the players don’t want no salary cap

The owners all cry, “we’re poor!â€

But it’s hard to feel sorry for either sob story

When I can’t even afford tickets anymore

Chorus: So shut the puck up

Bring back our game

All you owners and players do

Is whine and complain

Hey if you can’t make ends meet

On all the money you earn

Then you should get out of hockey

And give someone else a turn

And shut the puck up

For years my wife and me

Watched the hockey on TV

And got it on as much as we could

Yes every Saturday night

I’d put my helmet on tight

And give her “two minutes for looking so goodâ€

But now I don’t get no action

My wife she’s never in the mood

And I just don’t get the same satisfaction

Out of watching Jeopardy in the nude

Chorus: So shut the puck up

Enough is enough

Why don’t you try digging ditches

If you think your jobs are so tough

Or try teaching a classroom

Or saving a life

Or if you really want tough

Take a body check from my wife

And shut the puck up

From the diehard fans to the concession stands

To the sports bars – they’re all out of luck

Yes the business is down in every hockey town

Mon ami - this lockout she suck!

But it don’t stop there you bunch of greedy millionaires

Oh no - it’s much worse than you think

This year my friend Tony has to drive his Zamboni

On the ice on my backyard rink

Chorus: So shut the puck up

Don’t get your nose out of joint

And throw away the whole season

Just so you can make a point

You know that sooner or later

Both sides will have to agree

It’s like a rectal exam - get it over with quickly

And shut the puck up

We all miss our teams

You’ve turned out the lights

On every little boy’s dreams

Call it a strike or a lockout

Call it what you wish

I call it a kick in the ass to the fans who made you rich


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