Sick leave policies and non-disciplinary allowance comparisons between groups......


Aug 20, 2002
[P]Out of morbid curiousity, would folks in the difft groups, incl pilots..f/a.. mechs..fleet..admins..Ato..(I assume same as rez not sure)mind posting their particular policies before any discussion or written notice is observed?And what occurs afterwards?[/P]
[P]For are permitted before initial discussion, for FT employees, 4 or less occurences within a rolling 12month period coinciding with limit of 5.0 hrs a month avg...i.e.60 hrs rolling annual..i.e..about 7 1/2 days.If this is breached, than written notices go in file and the beginning of discip.step levels , although I dont know the exact details after this, because thankfully I have never gone that far. Perhaps anyone can elaborate past the 4 occurences more detailed info.[/P]


Aug 20, 2002
I don't know what Mech and Related is, I've never used sick time up to this point. As soon as a TA is in effect, I'll find out for you, okay?