So now what!


Aug 20, 2002
I''ve watched and participated sparingly on this board. I''m a loyal USAirways customer for many years and am really saddened by what has happened to one of the best airlines (from a customer point of view) and some of the best folks I have ever dealt with (USAirways employees).
Unfortunately it seems that the momentum is quickly mounting against you and for that I am sorry.
It seems you have limited choices and obviously one of them is to reject everything that is being proposed and let the doors close. I certainly can understand the frustation and anger on the part of the employees. Management has not been the best and it does seem that there has been some mis-steps by new management.
Unfortunately the reality is what it is and the guy from Alabama with the money can take his check book home and the doors will get closed.
>From a customer point of view we lose a great airline but we will survive and wind up acheiving our business goals with another carrier that is not as good. Most everyone will find new jobs and careers -hopefully soon.
Sigel and the guy from Alabama will go to new lives and probably make more money than most of ever dreamed about.
I was encouraged to see the deal that Mesa struck with its employees but obviously they are in a different sitaution than U.
I keep praying that there is some shred of hope that things can squeak by for the next 2 or 3 months and volume will return to help. Unfortunatetly the weather, iraq and the publicity that U might lidquidate is not working in your favor. Personally, I have held off buying tickets for January because I want to see how things work out. I would rather wait a few weeks and hope U can remain than book another carrier now.
Despite everything EVERY SINGLE U employee I come in contact with (even yesterday) still provides outstanding customer service and does their best to make the trip enjoyable. I certainly hope and pray that continues