So the CWA got a new Deal?


Aug 20, 2002
what''s this I hear:
the CWA declined the $ bribe
top agents will be paid $20.50
Vacation weeks weren''t cut, rather hours for each day were cut to 6hr.
No retirement cuts like the ramp. But mathcing is gone.
same health care as ramp.
1113 letter
some protections that the ramp didn''t get.
[don''t know what this means and would like someone to elaborate]
Do my ears deceive me? This isn''t great but I think when you compare it to the ramp.... we have to jump all over it.
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that is what is being heard. Tomorow everyone will meet. Then look to Thursday [highlight sheet/TA]for the written. I would not be surprised if an announcement came out with a T/A on Wednesday though, however, without the written highlight.
Also heard that the CWA turned down a $500,000 attorney fee reimbursement. The CWA don't take payoffs.
I dont know who leaked this information (maybe we need to get Congress to subpoena email records), but I wouldnt expect any information of any substance or validity until after the ramp vote tabulations on Thurs. I know there is supposed to be a meeting tomorrow, but I wouldnt expect to hear ANYTHING other than rumors until after the ramp is done. We have been lumped together unofficially for all these years and now that we have separate representation, it wouldnt surprise me to see a separate offer to each group.