Southwest thanks Alaska, JetBlue, AA, and now United for raising their fees for baggage


Apr 26, 2005
Southwest Luvs the fact that all the other airlines are raising baggage fees, as they still are the only airline out there not charging for bags.
A family of 3 or more will save an entire plane ticket cost in fees for baggage when flying Southwest. More and more reasons to choose Southwest when looking to save $$$ on all the nickel and diming with fees by the other airlines.
In hopes SWA stays with the Bags Fly Free theme, however, if SWA needed to charge for fuel offset, they could easily charge 25%-50% of the other airlines and still make enough to offset the fuel cost and then some for the investors and the bottom line to boot.
May be time for Southwest to reboot the "Bags Fly Free" ads while all the others are boosting the baggage fees.
Thank you Alaska-JetBlue-American and United for giving the flying public even more reasons to fly Southwest to save more $$$ for their families!!!

Compared to how much more everything else in our monthly budget has gone up in price, 16% on a $30 charge probably won't sound like too bad of an idea.

As a customer, at least I see that there's actually some degree of work involved with the checking and handling a bag, unlike change or cancellation fees....

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