Southwest to upgrade the interiors for better customer experiences


Oct 23, 2010
I applaud this move, with a however, on a couple items. the power charging ports should have came with the on board internet 10 years ago. Nothing will displease a customer worse than running out of juice in the middle of anything electronic. The larger overhead bins will also be a welcoming item. New fare groups with additional upgrades included gives the customers more options while flying. Not a fan of the added alcohol options as this will put some pressures upon out flight crews and F/A's. Hopefully when the mask requirements are all gone the unruly passenger issues will go with it, but, of course we will still have our small supply of folks that just cannot handle their drinking. Mechanics will be busy for a while to come...

So which MRO do you think will be doing all of that work cause it certainly won’t be any AMFA mechanics getting anywhere near that?
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Oh heavens no. They are stating some of these improvements will be done in 2023. (sarcastic a little there) so we shall see. That should probably be reworded as that's when they plan on starting the improvements. The down side is gonna be all the complaints when the ports are not working correctly. When you have power and charging ports at every seat you are bound to get some inop with 6 seats across and more than 24 rows.
I still remember when JB put in all the free TV's and how much negative response came with a many of them inop and trouble getting them fixed in a timely manner.
Small improvements that will go a long ways with the passengers rather business traveling or leisure...