Spirit Airlines to fly from Ft. Myers to Denver


Aug 19, 2002
It hasn''t been officially announced by Spirit Airlines yet, but I just read it in the Denver Business Journal.
Spirit Airlines is playing follow the leader for the 3rd time by adding Ft. Myers (RSW) while Frontier announced the route last month. Spirit Airlines announced service to Denver back in February a few months after Frontier announced Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) service. Spirit started with 2 flights from Detroit (DTW) and 1 from Ft. Lauderdale (FLL). Shortly after, Frontier announced a 2nd flight to Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) and shortly after that, Spirit announces a 2nd flight from Ft. Lauderdale (FLL). I had a strong feeling that this was coming. Just took a little longer than I estimated.
Anyways, service starts on October 27 with 1 daily flight.
Spirit Airline''s loads to Denver (DEN) have been outstanding and is carrying an average of 30,000 passengers per month.
Starting October 27, Spirit Airlines will operate the following from Denver (DEN):
Detroit (DTW) - 2 flights, 1 continues to New York La Guardia (LGA) the other continues to Atlantic City (ACY).
Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) - 2 flights, with connecting service to San Juan (SJU).
Ft. Myers (RSW) - 1 flight.
For a total of 5 flights.
Spirit Airlines will also begin operating a 2nd Las Vegas (LAS) flight from Detroit (DTW) soon.
That 30,000 must be in and out pax right? Not just enplanements. With only 4 flights a day that would be 250 people per plane and I know their MD80s dont hold that many.
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Actually if anything, it's slightly under-supplemented.

Airlines are experiencing some of the highest loadfactors in Denver lately. Airlines are starting to operate more larger aircraft than last year infact. Continental is flying more 757s. American is flying more 757s and are infact flying more 757s than MD-80s now. Delta is also flying a few more 767s to Denver than they usually do.

There is quite a bit of high demand for Denver and that demand keeps growing. So no, it's not over-supplemented.

United is also experiencing it's highest loadfactors in DEN. Higher than any of there other hubs.

This is why you have been seeing quite a bit of growth lately and why 2 new airlines started service to Denver since April.


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