Spirit going thru some rough times


Apr 26, 2005
The P&W Engine problems, losing the merger ruling, pushing out A/C orders by 5 years, and now laying off 260 pilots.
Although being compensated by P&W as well as JB paying the "break up fee" will it be enough in order to stay around for Spirit, by pushing off the orders and laying off 260 Pilots? Maybe a new airline could come in and pick them up for around 1.8-2.0 billion. Could Frontier take another look??
Hate to see an airline go away completely, would rather see they merge with someone in hopes that they keep all the employees employed still. Time will tell...

Frontier seems to be doing very well since walking away from the Spirit merger, not sure if they would still want to entertain one now. Lots of new growth and expansion at Spirit that started the announcements back in Jan of this year. Another reminder a few days ago...

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Spirit CEO says no to filing for BK.
Would never have been put in this position if the Biden administration wasn't so stupid. Should have allowed the merger with JetBlue.