Spirit will try to become a big airliner


Apr 26, 2005
If they start acting like one of the biggies, their prices will also reflect like the biggies. That is a no brainer for sure, especially when merger is done and they remove rows of seats to match the JB fleet cost will go up and so will the pricing as well. There is no way JB will be able to charge the low fares that Spirit does, it just isn't feasible and none of the numbers will add up if they do, they will in fact lose $$$ and I can assure you they won't do that so the prices will have to increase.

If they were acting like a big airline, they wouldn't be asking people to pay to match status...

When I was still Executive Platinum on American, United matched me via a 90 day mileage challenge which was pretty easy to meet with two trips in business class. Same thing with Starwood versus IHG.

Perhaps Spirit knows that getting the money up front is a better option because once new customers experience one or two trips, they might not ever come back?
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Very true. Just pointing out how they are trying to act like the biggies as they keep claiming to the DOT that they will be better off competing against the biggies if DOT would give them the go ahead on the merger.
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Thanks in part to the DOJ's decision in other news, that the Spirit and JetBlue merger will get a higher probability to be able to merge and Spirit can become one like the biggie airliners. Looks more and more likely the merger will go thru even if they are asked for a few more concessions to get it done.
Yes, it would allow, a larger JetBlue to compete with the big 4, but not so sure getting rid of Spirit was the right way when it comes to the DOJ, they are very concern about getting rid of an ULCC all together even though Frontier is still left along with Allegiant. We shall see soon I am sure.