SSM&P tally for 2023 charged to AMFA Members.


Oct 20, 2007
Now I can totally understand a Union having a large legal bill if they represent large numbers of members, but according to AMFA’s LM2 for 2023 they only represent 4355 Members. That’s really not a lot of members is it?

The Legal Bill charged by the Seeham Group to AMFA represented Mechanics for 2023 is $825,812.

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My understanding is one of the Lawyers for AMFA is always present when meeting with any Company regarding negotiations? Lawyers charge by the hour. I actually don’t understand why any of those Lawyers have to actually be present at negotiations?

Lawyers should be “advisors” during negotiations. That means they don’t need to be in the room fluffing up their Bills.

Negotiators should come from the ranks and can also include Union Leadership. When the negotiators have a question 🙋‍♂️ about something they send the proposal over to them by E Mail. The Lawyer/s should have a flat fee for that kind of assistance and advice.

They don’t need Lucas Middlebrook or a Seeham offspring in the room. They just don’t. (Scam)