Station Closings????

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Aug 20, 2002
ONT is the only real surprise on that list. All of the other cities could easily be served by Express from the hubs. ONT could also, I suppose, but I always thought there was a fair amount of traffic at ONT. BOI seems to be one of those airports that is pretty much an RJ airport for most everyone. SYR is increasingly getting that way with AA pulling out. BIL could probably be better served by 4 RJ's a day then 2 mainline jets. ICT is going mostly RJ also.

Too bad about the maintenance.
The rumored Station Closing List going around last spring consisted of 14 cities. Some conceivably RJ friendly, and other seemingly too big to convert to UAX. On the West Coast BIL, COS, EUG, MFR, ONT, BOI, and GEG were rumored to be on the list. I can't remember any cities farther east. The rumor metastisized by August to 11 cities(EUG & MFR were apparently spared this round of rumored cuts).

Then the BK threat and the Union Coalition happened and the rumors all disappeared. Until today.

A friend from EUG called saying that Senior VP Pete McDonald was arriving 10/21 for two scheduled station meetings. Checking Apollo, I found SFOPE was sending someone, as was the IAM. This is the same type of team that arrived to break the news in MKE and MSN.

BK or no BK, righting this sinking ship is going to HURT!
Rumor has it that UAL will announce station closings this
Tuesday October 29,2002. ONT,BOI,ICT,BIL,SYR are the ones
on the chopping block.
Plus LASMM will be close and MIAMM will only be a overnight station.
Has any one heard this one?
Yea we heard the same thing today that on Mon/Tue timeframe there will be several station closings,the company nor the union would not go into detail about which ones would be closed.I mean we heard 15 then 12 then 5 the last RUMOR was 7, some possibiltys have been mentioned here, also I have heard some others including some I find very hard to imagine,including my own.Also if you look at what was said today this team that was put together for non labor cost savings said they have come up with 1.5 billion per year I guess to go along with our 1.1 something billion so we can get approved for the ATSB loan , which I am still skeptical that W/ATSB will approve even if this all gets hashed out this weekend, looks like we had no luck with outside financing , and I noticed Alabama pension already wants more W2/real paycuts from US air even though the ink did not even dry from the cuts a couple of weeks ago.I got good news the company CTX internantional will need alot of CTX techs in the coming years
Sorry to see SYR on the list. If the Destiny project there ever reaches a fraction of what has been projected, that airport will see a significant increase in traffic. UAL has to do what it has to do, though, in light of current conditions, and not those anticipated two years from now. If nothing else, the departure of UAL will be all the more reason for LUV to come to SYR with flights to MDW.
District 141M put out a flyer on friday saying SFO management would be announcing layoffs on Monday or Tuesday. There were no details offered.
Just received confirmation that EUG is closing. It is one of five cities per EUG's IAM liaison(sorry, don't know the other four).

Don't know the effective date either(though I suspect January 7th, since that schedule has been delayed being released to the field.
Ualdriver: We're gonna run out of cities to pull out of pretty soon.

Not likely. According to a UAX manager on the East Coast, UA apparently has a list of 23 candidates, of which the upcoming announcement is the first group(and I thought the rumor of 14 cities was bad!).

Where are all the RJ's gonna come from? Certainly UA isn't going to try to cover mainline jets with props?!?
UA has a large number of RJ's on delivery for the next couple of years. They're coming at the rate of about 3-4 per month.
I have a serious question WHO is paying for all of these RJs ? is United involved in paying for these whatsoever? Also what is the range of the new generation of RJs coming out.I know we are already flying them 700-750 miles which seems like alot?
Negative. The individual UAX airlines are paying for the specific RJ's they ordered. UAL is not paying for these RJ's.

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