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Aug 20, 2002
[a href=]STOCKS LINKS[/a]
The above link will take you into NASDAQ where you can check the daily stock market activity of JetBlue, Northwest, American, United, Continental, Delta, Southwest, and USAirways.
Each carrier/stock has a drop down window that will give you a wealth of information. Many times you'll find company information before it is announced to the general public.
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On 8/22/2002 8:30:52 AM

1AA wrote:

AMR $11 and climbing. Is this a turning point for American?
Yup, at the close of trading yesterday, AA posted just over a 20% increase in stock price, more than any other carrier. I believe that AA is going to find a comfy price in the high 9 dollar range where it will remain until either the holiday travel period, or another carrier talks about going bankrupt.
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Just a bump, since airline stocks have been playing a good game of teeter-totter this week. Even the wallstreet baby JetBlue is starting to take some hits worth taking seriously, having lost nearly 20.00 in value in the past 8 weeks alone.

The link in the first message of this thread is still good, for a look at current airline stock activity for the top 8.
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Opening Values for September 3, 2002

Symbol Last Sale Change Net / % Share Volume
JBLU..$ 38.50-...0.56 1.48%.....104,400........JetBlue
NWB ..$ 19.00-...0.30 1.6%........8,600........Northwest
AMR...$ 10.19-...0.29 2.77%.....840,300........American
UAL...$ 2.87-....0.18 5.9%....2,967,600........United
CAL...$ 10.17-...0.09 0.88%.....458,700........Continental
DNT...$ 19.02-...0.01 0.05%......26,200........Delta
LUV...$ 14.21-...0.31 2.13%...2,222,900........Southwest
UAWGQ.$ 0.70-....0.09 14.75%..1,142,300........USAirways

As is usually the norm, all airline stocks will take some hits after a long holiday weekend.
On 8/29/2002 2:19:24 PM

I took a lot of lumps from the Bloonies when I called JBLU overvalued... Nice to see that it has finally started to settle into a more realistic $30-40 range.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the "lock up" period is over, and the stock availible to be sold at Jblu goes up 5 fold.
On 8/29/2002 2:19:24 PM eolesen wrote:

I took a lot of lumps from the Bloonies when I called JBLU overvalued... Nice to see that it has finally started to settle into a more realistic $30-40 range.
Aloha eolesen,

Just because JetBlue market cap is more than AMR, UAL, DNT, CAL, U,& NWA combined, what makes you think its slightly overvalued? Why do you feel $30-40 is justified? Now if you really want to talk about an overvalued airline, look no further than LUV. Market cap of over $10 BILLION. Now I think that is just a little high, but what do I know besides chix or beef.[img src='']

ALOHA, 007
Never mind that Southwest actually turns a profit while the rest of the big six airlines are hemmoraging money.
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