Sudden AA mile requirement hike? Paranoid?


Jun 25, 2012
Am I being paranoid?

6 months I've been searching for vacation airline tickets. During this search, I was finding, I needed 34k miles to go to these destinations, as well as plenty of travel dates available. Well, long story short, I only had 9k miles at that time but was able to regain my miles now and have 34K+ in my account. That same day (mind you I checked availabilities and destinations that morning), after my account showed the 34K balance, when I made my regular flight search .. wouldn't you know, no flights were available but only with dates that were a month apart, and with a hike of over 10k miles. This was overly suspicious and if it were a coincidence, I should have bought a lotto ticket that day!

Of course I called them to get the generic oh, flights weren't available at the time I checked, and to keep checking etc... (not sure what I expected them to tell me, oh ya, sorry we are jiffying you, here is a free ticket for your troubles??? silly me).

My questions to this forum .. I wondered if anyone had a similar situation or if anyone knows the habits of this seamingly suspect mile hike right after I had enough to redeem for my trip?