Suffered from AirEuropa airline


Dec 17, 2015
[SIZE=9.5pt]Flight with AirEuropa – NEVER AGAIN![/SIZE]
[SIZE=9.5pt]Air Europa airline won the first place in my personal ranking of airlines offering the worse service to its passengers![/SIZE]
[SIZE=9.5pt]I flew home with my whole family from Palma de Mallorca – I bought expensive tickets with a minimum transfer, as I was flying with my wife and three young children.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9.5pt]The Air Europa airline without warning has canceled our flight, although we have already registered it online the day before departure. Then, the airline changed our flight to other with two transfers (although we bought a flight with 1 transfer) on which it was impossible to catch a connecting flight. In the result: we were late and arrived home 16 hours later than planned. Moreover, these out-going actions of airlines have led to serious injury of my child and long-term moral damage for the whole family.
In addition, Air Europa has lost checked luggage, which I was looking by myself for a few days after arrival.[/SIZE]

Unfortunately, choosing Air Europa, we have become victims of the airline, which not only provided absolutely no service, but also harmed the health of my family!
That’s why, if somebody will ask me: will you use Air Europa again? I will answer NEVER AGAIN!
And not recommended to you too!

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