Sun Country dragging their feet at the nego table.


Apr 26, 2005
It is obvious SC is very upset their employees chose to go union. After a month off to prepare, and only bringing one counter proposal back to the table? The NMB would have a field day with management and the SC nego team, so yes, I would strongly recommend filing for it to get supervised. If they continue while under NMB supervision, they will get an eye opener from the NMB. I say FILE!!! Shame on Sun Country for disrespecting and showing how they DO NOT care for their employees. Time to move on...

Jul 24, 2023 | Headline

July 24, 2023 -- AMFA presented a cover-to-cover comprehensive contract proposal last session to accelerate the process. Unfortunately, the Company arrived without a comprehensive response to our proposal.
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Why don't you picket their headquarters or MSP? I'm sure you'll get tons of support for all the years of solidarity you have shown real unions over the years! Call the IBT who organized the ramp at Sun Country. I bet they would love to fight alongside you raiders!