Sunday's rainstorm at PHL

Aug 20, 2002

PHILADELPHIA - July 29, 2013 (WPVI) -- Power has been restored to an area of the Philadelphia International Airport that was left in the dark as a result of drenching rain and flooding Sunday night.

The massive deluge of rain knocked out a substation supplying power to Terminal A East, which ultimately led to the cancellation of all American Airlines flights Monday morning.

Also affected were Spirit Air and US Airways - both of which have some ticket counters in the terminal

Another news story said that the A concourse was most affected. How badly were US Int'l flights hit?
PHL had 8.02" of rain in a 7 hour span. I live 75 miles and we got less than a .25". I had a friend fly to DEN last night and I believe he got in 5 hours late.