Supremes not moved by Rabbi Ginsberg's claims against NW

WorldTraveler said:
The US Supreme Court doesn't act like it is inclined to side with Rabbi Ginsberg in his suit against NW for cutting him out of the World Perks program in one of the longer running consumer suits against an airline.
This guy is an idiot, makes other Jews look bad and plays into the anti-Semitic Jews only care about money/greed stereotype. On one hand yes he likes to kvetch like myself and many others but it takes two sides for this to go on and for awhile it seems NWA kept playing along and now its almost as if they are penalizing him for accepting all the compensation they have thrown at him. The T&Cs of all these frequent flyer programs afford the airlines the ability to impose pretty much whatever changes they'd like or suspend the program altogether.

At the end of the day as with all businesses there are some clients/customers it is just better not to have. You will never be able to make them happy, let someone else have them and focus on other more valuable customers. With improved CRM capabilities the airlines, like other industries will buckle down on this stop being so liberal with compensation. UA would be overly generous in compensation for things like defective reading lights or not receiving desired meal choice in FC but has since adopted CO compensation policies.

The AP reporter sounds pretty sure of himself.   This will certainly be one to revisit once the Justices render their opinion.    Sometimes you can predict the outcome of a case based on the comments of the Justices at oral argument, but sometimes their actual decision surprises all of the observers.   
I won't shed any tears no matter how the case turns out - my comment is solely about the reporter's predictions that they guy will lose based on what several Justices said in court.