SWA nets 74 million CAL only loses 37 mil


Aug 19, 2002
These are examples of the side of the ledger we need to be on and they''re strategy is not shrinking the airline...It has been a strategy of small but consistent growth and good marketing and great customer service...Shrinking the airlines revenue stream immediately to reduce future fixed costs is a flawed policy ...Take a lesson from Gordon and Parker and run the airline please!!!(small growth, good marketing, good customer service)
Bingo, Cohiba. Continental went through a period of tremendous pain (2 visits through Chapter 11 and almost a third), and cutting what did not make money to get where they are now. They grounded entire fleets (the A300 was the first to go), and entire division (Continental Lite), and the Lite hub in GSO. I encourage everyone to read Grodon Bethune's book From Worst to First. It shows a master game plan for turning around a consistent money loser into a winner. It is scary (in a good way) to see how close our situations parallel each other. It is not a coincidence that Dave worked at CO and now we are using the same game plan. We are not Southwest, and never will be, but I do not hear my counterparts at CO bad mouth where they are at. Sure, they may not be the highest paid in the industry, but their employees have job security relative to other majors. Peace of mind and thus, quality of life mean a lot.
Hello? Does [STRONG]Eastern Airlines [/STRONG]ring a bell? As in CASH, AIRPLANES, System ONE, Frank Lorenzo? THAT is the REASON CO. SURVIVED beyond the 1st stay in Chap.11. No disrepect to the fine women and men that have propelled present day Co. to the fine company that it is today. They have created a wonderful airline.

Allow me to clarify my point. Obviuosly, round one in Chapter 11 was not a success for Continental, hence the second trip to the court. My post was referring more to what happened after Gordon took over after the second trip through bankruptcy. If you have read From Worst to First, you would know what I am referring to.