Thanks UA-Great Job today UA 1265 LAS-SFO

Art at ISP

Aug 20, 2002
Dix Hills NY
I just thought I would make a pleasant post here--I''d like to thank Amanda and Lori and the rest of the crew of UA 1265 today LAS-SFO. They were cheerful, upbeat and did a great job with the service they did in a full F cabin on a short flight!
It''s nice to see that like your compadres at US, you are putting your best face forward and providing your customers with an excellent experience.
I wish you all the very best, and hope that you are able to make it through the tough times ahead.


Aug 20, 2002

Thanks for the kind words. You always do nice job of highlighting the service levels on your travels. Good or bad you do a nice job of giving feedback.

Thanks again and hope to see you in the "friendly skies of United" again soon!