The Carty Plan Revealed


Aug 19, 2002
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To fly a Mercedes airline at the same price as the Ford airlines. Since we are heavy at HDQ with make work projects. We will make up the cost by lowering worker wages. After we have extracted massive amounts of money from our workers, who will be unhappy, we will just hire more CSMs to keep an eye on our workforce.
Part 2. Now that Gore cast the deciding vote in the senate to pass NAFTA [NO Americans Free Trade Agreement] and which also was readily endorsed by Clinton and with the help of No Border Bush. We can now set up our new transcontinental US of A hub in MTY Mx. With the Mx labor laws and no unions I can forsee labor peace in my time. So long DFW ORD and STL. I''m still working with Haiti to replace MIA. With the money saved I can probably have one my VPs run for Pres of Haiti and with the proper payout all will be well at AA.
Hey don''t knock it the payouts worked in the US of A.