The IAM must have known about the TPA hangar closing


Aug 19, 2002
Hell yes the IAM knew!!...otherwise they would not have helped sell the computer glitch story about the senority list.

Has the IAM raised any cane about how it's 300+ members were treated in TPA? None of any substance that I have seen or heard of.

Shoot , If you think these clowns aren't in bed with the company?...You are sorely mistaken my friends.

The IAM is nothing but a money grabber..and as long as the clinging ability to represent the MDA employee's looms...They will continue to sell out the remaining Mainline Members as long as possible....and still take your dues!1

Personally, I don't think that MDA will ever take place to begin with...and I have always viewed it as a fanatsy carrot to dangle in front of the junior pilots remaining on property to this point.

J4J may be negotiated with Mesa and the other Contract carriers..but I feel certain that the WO's are going to get shafted..along with those clinging to hopes of MDA ever starting up.

Honestly..I think U will be a footnote in airline history , before a lease could even hope to be signed for the first aircraft.

Sorry folks...I didn't feel this way..until Dave pulled this TPA stunt...and now he has yanked the rug out from under us with more immediate demands , that won't or can't be met under his alloted timeframe. This deal is completely out of control...The death spiral has made its first revolution...and G-Lock is coming.

AP Tech

Sep 4, 2002
TPA was a big NO vote for that last so called contract and they were very verbal about their feeling towards the IAM. TPA is also starting some type of lawsuit against the IAM so I am assuming the IAM does not really care about them.


Aug 20, 2002
I agree with you AOG-N- IT. The IAM never cared about us in fleet either, especially those of us in small stations. How much will the company save by getting rid of 15 fleet service people? And then in will come the $8 an hour goons to save the day....Go figure..


Aug 19, 2002
I'm thinking that the TPA folks are still paying thier dues to the IAM...So they damn well should be showing some care...and registering some major concerns.

The IAM needs to show that it's about it members..and not it own bank account..otherwise why would any other station feel obligated to pay for thier representation from this point forward?

If they will sell TPA down the river!! Who's next?? Survey says!! CLT will be a pawn of parcel if it comes down to it?


Aug 20, 2002
Yes, I've also heard that the TPA mechs are suing the IAM for the second vote, claiming that it was misrepresentation and that there was no provision for a revote in the IAM.

Here is a neat scenario for you all to ponder:

In about a year or so, the judge throws the revote out, US Airways is out of bankrupcy, so no longer has the option to run to a judge to throw out a contract. The judge reimposes the labor agreement, pre-give backs. US Airways owes mechanics and related a sh-t load of back pay and all the furloughed people are REQUIRED to be brought back because of the no-furlough clause. Then the other work groups line up for their me toos

That scenario will be the stake through the heart of US Airways. What goes around comes around, Dave. At least the TPA mechs have the gall to tell the IAM where to put it when they aren't sticking up for you any more.


Aug 20, 2002
The fact of the SABRE malfunction should seal the decision concerning any UNION aquiescence to the latest ultimatum.

In my opinion, the company knew of the decision beforehand. In my opinion, their failure to divulge material knowledge prior to the implementation of such a decision is evidence of a failure of good faith negotiations as is required by Sect. 1113 of the bankruptcy code.

Everyone has to make a decision about how much they are willing to take. While evaluating that decision, everyone has to take into account every event that preceeded the one facing you. Deliberate, evaluate, then vote.


Aug 20, 2002
The revote isn't going to be thrown out and that is simply not what is being asked for in the lawsuit. Thanks to the TPA mechanics for getting the ball rolling.


Aug 19, 2002
I find it interesting that everything the company
threatens during negotiations eventually happens
anyway. During the CWA negotiations...they said
sign this..or we'll declare bankruptcy. We signed, they
declared bk anyway.

Secondly, they said...sign this or we'll take you
down to 1000 res agents...well we signed. And now
we are down another res center.

Now they are telling various labor groups sign this
or we'll go to 249 planes.

They may as well do as they are going to do...
We would prefer to get shafted in a more honest way.
The unions had some glimmer of these outcomes...I'm
sure they heard some things during negotations that
told them what was really happening.

I don't think the MDA plan is real either....hard to
get a loan for more aircraft when you can't even pay
for the ones you are leasing now.

I have been skeptical from day one of Dave.
It is typical that you hire a whole new group to
do all this slashing and burning. Most people who
have been here for fifteen or twenty years don't have
the stomach for that kind of thing. I know Kerry
Carstairs was not here during the better years.

Best of luck to all. We'll either be liquidated
or struggle along as a mini airline for several
years until someone can buy us. My opinion.


Oct 29, 2002
[EM]i'm telling you right here and now that the IAM-141 people were very secretive about letting out the station by station vote whether it was for or against...they were fearing reprisals by the company for a station vote along those didn't take very long for the system to find out how the TPA went a matter of fact they were the only station to let known the EXACT VOTE NUMBERS CONTRARY TO IAM REQUESTS .[BR]also since doing the lead thing in PIT heavy,we had daily or weekly MANAGER meetings as to how production,etc was going and more often than not,since 1998 the word in PIT was airbus may go into TPA ,but don't expect it to stay.REASON:at time in '98 was racial problems...was kind of hard to believe then....but it got worse ....we heard from people in planning during the recent approach to contractual conncessions TPA had a rash of A/C sabotage. common knowlege here in PIT.[BR]i don't like the way things went in TPA....but it makes me wonder......what you sow,ye shall reap.. [BR]i'm sorry but we've been hearing this stuff for 3 or 4 years now and it has come to pass. [/EM]