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Aug 19, 2002
I say this with sincerity, you guys are getting hosed big time.
I hope there is a happy ending to this, but not sure it would be anything but a pyrrhic victory, for the ones that get to keep their jobs.



Aug 19, 2002
Reminds me sadly of this song:

Warning lights are flashing down at Quality Control
somebody threw a spanner and they threw him in the hole
there's rumors in the loading bay and anger in the town
somebody blew the whistle and the walls came down
there's a meeting in the boardroom they're trying to trace the smell
there's leaking in the washroom there's a sneak in personnel
somewhere in the corridors someone was heard to sneeze
'goodness me could this be airline Disease?

The employees was crucified for working at their post
they're refusing to be pacified it's them they blame the most
the watchdog's got rabies the foreman's got fleas
and everyone's concerned about the airline Disease
there's panic on the switchboard tongues are ties in knots
some come out in sympathy some come out in spots
some blame the management some the employees
and everybody knows it's the airline Disease

The work force is disgusted downs tools and walks
innocence is injured experience just talks
everyone seeks damages and everyone agrees
that these are 'classic symptoms of a monetary squeeze'
on CNN and ABC they talk about the curse
philosophy is useless theology is worse
history boils over there's an economics freeze
sociologists invent words that mean 'airline Disease'