The Men in the 'WHITE COATS', cranking up the Ambulance !

Aug 20, 2002
The DELUSIONAL M O R O N is NOW throwing Bill (meet me in the ) BARR, Mike Pompeao and Christopher Wray UNDER THE BUS, and 'Tweetildeeing' in ' MORE Caps' then " I " can't even Imagine !

Look. This SICK ' *RICK ' can't help himself (control his VISCIOUS ANGER ). :mad: :mad:

How do we Know This. ? His Niece Told Us So.

PSYCHOLOGIST, ' D O C T O R ' Mary Trump !!

COO - COO,......COO - COO, .........COO - COO ! :confused: o_O :confused:
I saw the Australian version of the Today show and they were talking about an Australian politician. They made a comment that could easily apply to Trump...."If brains were dynamite they wouldn't blow his ears off".

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