Oct 29, 2002
Worries about Biden's failing competency has spurred talk of limiting his access to the 'football' members of his own party...... Sweet.

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Democrats Call On Biden To Relinquish Sole Authority Over Nuclear Strikes

More than 30 Democratic representatives are calling for President Joe Biden to give up his sole authority to order the launch of nuclear weapons.

The group of Democratic House members, led by Rep. Jimmy Panetta (D-CA), signed a letter to addressed to Biden on Monday calling on him to reform the procedure by which the use of a nuclear weapon is approved. The 31 lawmakers suggested several reforms that would include more people in the decision process.

A quick google on this story finds no reporting from the propaganda arm of the democrat party on this....Imagine that. Covering, once again, for Biden.
Dogs like crack?

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Saw this coming....

It doesn’t take much for the nation’s voters to become concerned that President Biden, the oldest new chief executive at 78 years old, might not be up for the job.

The latest proof: His resistance to holding a full-blown press conference now 49 days into his presidency has half the country worried.

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey of likely voters, 50% said they are not confident that “Joe Biden is physically and mentally up to the job of being president of the United States.” Another 48% have confidence in Biden, though only 34% were “very confident” that he was up to the job.

Driving that, Rasmussen said, was Biden’s refusal to meet with reporters. He has had some interactions with the small pool of reporters, but his sometimes awkward speaking style has led to criticism. And the White House has recently cut short his appearances.
He should join his dogs and be banished back to the basement in Delaware... We know that Susan Rice and Jill are making all the important decisions for him.
Biden prime time speech thurs night. His first political achievement....america care act. Passed. Even republicans in multiple states support it.