Ticket Buyers Beware!!


Aug 20, 2002
Won''t it be nice to know that your F/O is of such high caliber that he has to PAY to come to work!!! SCARY!!!
November 25, 2002
3000 Curtis King Blvd., Ft Pierce, FL 34946
Tel: (772) 468-2255
Fax: (772) 4682209
Email: Resumes accepted by EZ-Apply
Web Site: http://flyfca.com
FCA has been operating a successful Cessna 402 charter operation (mostly to The Bahamas) for several years. We plan to commence operation of our scheduled commuter service on December 20, 2002. Your flying here at FCA will include both operations. We are training in an airline environment to airline standards. This training will assuredly make you a more attractive applicant for any future position as captain with us or any other commuter or regional airline. Your training will include ground school, flight training, an FAA check ride and line time on passenger operations. * Cost for training is as follows: · $500.00 for ground school (5-8 days planned) · $325.00 (our cost) per hour for flight training. The operations manual dictates 6 hours plus the FAA check ride. · $39.00 per hour paid in advance for the first block of 100 hours = $3,900 Thereafter, the cost will be lowered to $29 per hour for any additional 100-hour blocks of time that you might wish to acquire. As you can see, after the training, you will be getting multi-engine airline experience flight time for only $39 and as low as $29 per hour! Note: Other miscellaneous costs are the background check and drug/alcohol test. Applicant must have a Commercial Instrument Multi Engine Rating. Begin your airline career now! To secure your position in our next class December 2nd, call me immediately on 772-468-2255 and be prepared to send your deposit of $500, which will be used for your ground school training. Welcome Aboard! Capt. Doc Buchanan

Chicken Taco

Aug 29, 2002
It's not very different from the pay to be an FO time building programs that Gulfstream and some others did a few years back. This stuff is cyclical with the availability of pilots. Right now there's lots of pilots out there, so the company can pull this scam. Keep in mind that the C402 is a single-pilot plane anyway, so the warm body in the right seat is just a bonus.

Five years ago whene there were far more pilots than jobs Chautauqua and many other regionals had a pay-for-training contract that required a $10,000 reimbursement to the company deducted form the first two years pay. All the regionals were doing some version of pay-to-fly, and we still had applicants lined up out the door. Then we started growing faster than people would pay, and we dropped the pay portion. Then we lowered our min times from 1000/100 multi to 500/50, but got more selective in other areas. The airline world has a history of doing whatever is required to fill the seats, it just seems to be now a time that companies have their pick of pilots, rather than the other way around..