Tim Nelson for Office????

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Jan 3, 2003
What office is Tim Nelson running for? One can always count on hearing from him when there is an opportunity to take a position against that of the IAM, even though he claims to be a union leader in that organization. Pamphlets, hotlines and now the message boards are used to spread his advice to ramp employees, which is based on dangerous speculation.
Tim recommends a no vote stating the following:
By fleet service voting ''no'' it does not mean this company is going to go belly up and force us to look for other employment. Some ''Doom and gloomers'' on this board are advocating that a ''no vote'' by 4,500 baggage handlers will force this company to shut its doors. That simply is not true.
On what basis do you state that this is simply not true Tim? What does Dr. Bronner take in his tea??, since you obviously had a nice meeting with him to be so certain as to the outcome of one group not participating?
It seems the only time we hear from Tim is when there is an opportunity to take a stance against the IAM advice...what office are you running for Tim?
I do agree with one thing Tim wrote.... Fleet employees are not stupid. They will not take the advice of a wanna be over their elected leadership whose advisors have reviewed the company books as well as give backs from other groups to take the position that in the interest of the company''s survival, we should vote Yes....
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