Top Ten New Slogans For United Airlines



From David Letterman''s Web Site...
Top Ten New Slogans For United Airlines

10. If You Liked ''Ocean''s 11,'' You''ll Love Chapter 11!
Dean M., Cheektowaga, NY
9. Built On Tradition, Held Together With Duct Tape
Ken H., Lancaster, PA
8. Fly The Increasingly Disgruntled Skies
Alex R., Evanston, IL
7. No Executive Fraud, Just Good Old-Fashioned Mismanagement
Joe P., La Grange, IL
6. You Really Haven''t Flown Until Your Plane Is Piloted By A Drunk Man About To Lose His Job
Nick S., Mandeville, LA
5. Don''t Let The Billion Dollar Debt Scare You. We''ll Win It Back In Vegas
Peter M., West Milford, NJ
4. Even Though We''re Broke, We Don''t Water Down Our Drinks Like The Bastards At American
Joel M., Rincon, GA
3. At Least We Don''t Make You Buy Two Seats If You''re Fat
Ray B., State College, PA
2. If You People Hadn''t Kept Asking For Extra Peanuts, We Wouldn''t Be In This Mess
Tony S., San Jose, CA
1. Maybe We Shouldn''t Have Been So Friendly
Bill H., Coral Springs, FL